104th Battalion Soldier
Rank Private (most likely)
Affiliations 104th Medical Battalion, 29th Infantry Division, U.S. Army.
Birth Around 1920.
Weapon Previously none, temporarily in possession of M-1 Garand

A 104th Battalion Soldier was a soldier from the 104th Medical Battalion. He was a private who served as a medical records keeper for the Army.


He landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day as part of the 104th Medical Battalion. He hid behind one of the obstacles during the landing along with a few members of his unit.

Captain Miller came and asked him "What are you guys?". He informed him that he and the 104th were there to set up field operations. Miller told the soldier to put down his "crap", and pick up a weapon. He is later seen in the tent with Upham when Captain Miller picks him up.

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