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The Alamo is a fictional title given to a bridge in the film, Saving Private Ryan.

Captain John H. Miller refers to the bridge (which his men are trying to stop the Germans from crossing) in Ramelle as the Alamo. Miller states that if everything fails then all his men should run back to the Alamo and blow up the bridge so the Germans won't be able to cross the bridge and achieve their objective.

The bridge was rigged with a lot of TNT in order to blow it should the Germans try to cross. Private Toynbe claimed they "had enough TNT to blow it twice", but soon transferred some to blow up rubble in the street when the Germans would come.

The bridge originally was where both 30. Cal machine guns were stationed and where the paratroopers manned their main defense. It had sandbag walls at various points of the bridge. The bridge soon no longer was defended directly by the two machine guns as Miller wanted one in a bell tower and one to move around during the German assault.

The bridge was left with the walls and a satchel charge to detonate the TNT. When the men fell back to blow the bridge. A small chateau of sorts was shelled by Major Hoess's tank. All that remained on the bridge was the Rabbit jeep, the sandbags, and Hoess's Tiger Tank.

The bridge is significant also for being where Captain Miller and Sergeant Mike Horvath died from gunshot wounds, Horvath having died from a fatal bullet thorough the chest and Miller having been mortally wounded by a German rifleman.