American Radioman
Rank Seaman or Petty Officer
Affiliations U.S. Navy
Birth 1920 (approx)
Death June 6th, 1944
Weapon N/A

The American Radioman was a minor character in Saving Private Ryan. He was a sailor on detached duty with a USN shore party. His primary objective would have been to act as a forward observer to direct naval artillery fire in support of the landings. He took part in the invasion of Omaha Beach on D-Day during World War Two.

He fought his way up the beach along with the rest of his comrades. He made it to the barbed wire at the end of the beach and set up a radio position, simply him just with his radio lying down in the dirt. There, he would hear what the officers saw about the operation and would relay the state of the battle to the ships just off shore.

He was killed by a mortar shell shortly after Captain Miller told him that no DD tanks made it ashore and Dog One was not open. His radio was also destroyed despite Miller trying to use it to relay the message himself.


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