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Lt. Col Anderson
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Affiliations United States Army 2nd Rangers Battalion
Birth approx. 1900
Death Unknown
Weapon Presumably Colt .45 pistol

Lieutenant Colonel Anderson was a minor character in the film, Saving Private Ryan. He was the commander of the 2nd Rangers Battalion. He gave the order for Captain Miller to go find Private James Francis Ryan.


On D-Day, he would most likely have been on the ships away from the battle like most of the commanders of the different battalions and divisions. He would have only seen the later part of combat when most of the fighting was done and they are rounding up the German soldiers.

Shortly after D-Day, he ordered Miller to take out towed 88s and three different areas around the villages surrounding the beach. He asked for how many casualties that it took to take them to which Miller replied "35 dead, times 2 wounded... They just did not want to give up those 88s". Anderson then replied "It was a tough assignment and that was why you got it".

He then called Miller by his first name, almost sympathetically, and then proceeded to tell him about another assignment that he had for him: To find Private Ryan.

This was the only time that he was seen in the film.


  • Lt. Col Anderson wasn't the commander of the 2nd Rangers Battalion. In reality, it was actually Lt. Col Rudder.
  • Anderson was present during only one of the two times in the entire film where Captain Miller swore. This was shown when he was explaining the mine troubles that they faced when trying to flank the enemy. He listed several different mines and said after listing a certain mine, "the little bastards that the mine detectors did not pick up". The second time was when Capt. Miller took Jacqueline away from Pvt. Caparzo and stated "We are not here to do the decent thing. We are here to follow fucking orders!" right before Pvt. Caparzo was shot by the sniper.