Saving Private Ryan Wiki

Davis’s assigned unit was Company C led by Captain John H. Miller. On D-Day, June 6th,1944, Davis would land on Omaha Beach with Charlie Company of Americathe 2nd Rangers Battalion. Riding aboard the landing craft with the rest of his company as they neared the beach, Davis could only hunker down against the waves sending up cold sprays of water over the sides of the landing craft and listen in fear to the whistle of artillery shells crashing into the water.

The German MG-42s in the coastal bunkers immediately opened fire on the first landing crafts to reach the beach. Davis’s landing craft was still in some meters from the beach in a section of deep water when it came under assault from German machine gun and mortar fire. Davis with the other members of his company was able to get of the landing craft and onto the beach.

Davis would would get past the sea wall and regrouped with Captain Miller and whoever was left of his squad. Captain Miller recruited Davis along with Debernardo, young and valk to attack a German crew telling them to “get ready.” After providing covering fire, captain Miller ordered Davis and the others to go.

It is unknown what happened to Davis after this.