Private Denton is a minor character in Saving Private Ryan He served as part of the 2nd Rangers Battalion of the United States Army during World War Two.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Denton was assigned to Company C led by Captain John Miller. On D-Day June 6th,1944, Bentley landed at Omaha Beach with Charlie Company, 2nd Rangers Battalion. He is seen only briefly standing at the rear of the landing craft behind his other comrades. Upon reaching the beach, Denton's landing boat came under relentless fire from the German MG-42s in the coastal bunker. The other members of his company immediately bailed out over the side of their landing craft into the water. Many of the soldiers were either mowed down by machine gunfire before they could exit the craft, or were struck by the projectiles underwater. Presumably Private Denton was among those very first casualties.

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