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Lieutenant Dewindt was a minor character in the film Saving Private Ryan. He was a Lieutenant from the 99th Troop Carrier Squadron, which was carried by the 327th Glider Infantry, during World War Two.


On D-day, he was the pilot of a Glider carrying Brigadier General Amend and troops of the 327th. His glider had been altered with extra armour, causing it to be overweight, and 22 troops had died as a result. The co-pilot's head was blown off as well. His arms were nearly broken trying to keep the plane level. His crash site eventually became the rally point of the 101st Airbounre.

Sometime after D-day, he encountered a group of soldiers searching for a Private James Francis Ryan. He told the leader, Captain Miller, that he'd never seen the man despite how many soldiers came through the rally point he was stationed at.

He showed the men his crashed plane with the co-pilot still stuck after being stabbed through the face and crushed in the crash. He then told them what had happened on D-Day and how it was F.U.B.A.R" to which they all agreed.

He gave Miller a bag of dog tags and told him to check those for Ryan's name. Miller gave him them back a while later after checking a few of them.

This was the last he was seen in the film.