Q:Who founded this Wiki?

A:LazerPlayer did

Q:Why can't I edit some pages, do I have a bug/problem?

A:No, Admins can protect pages so they don't get edited unless in need.

Q:Why am I blocked?

A:Because you violated the RULES, the rules can be read in the main page here, however, if you were blocked for no reason, please post a complain on my Message Wall, and I'll be sure to check the error.

Q:How long am I blocked?

A:It can vary, if you have repeated issues your ban can last up from 6 months to 1 year, but if its your first time blocked, it can be from 1 to 3 days.

Q:Can the Admins of this Wiki see our info once we register?

A:Absulotely NOT, the Wiki STAFF are the only people who can see the info, but they don't mess with them, they store it with them so if there are further problems, they can help you.

Q:I want to be an Admin!

A:You can post a request on my message wall, I'll see your contributions and I'll get back to you, be advised that if you haven't contributed to this Wiki you can't be an Admin here.

Q:If I become an Admin, what must I do?

A:You must keep an eye on the Wiki for any vandals. Admins who don't log in for 2 months will have there rights reverted and will be a normal user again.

Q:What if an Admin is abusive?

A:You MUST send a complaint to my message wall, Immediately. I will be sure to block, delete the contributions and revert the rights of that user.

Q:What if the complainer doesn't have evidence?

A:The complainer must have evidence or they will be ignored.


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