Fred Hamill
Rank Captain
Affiliations 101st Airborne, 502nd
Weapon Thompson Submachine gun

Captain Fred Hamill is the leader of a mixed group of 101st Airborne Pathfinders that Miller and his men met in Neuville, during World War Two. He and his team shot seven German Soldiers, who confronted Miller's Men and some of his own paratroopers like Staff Sergeant Hill.

They were sent to save both groups after being told by headquarters to meet up with Captain Miller. He later states that he has a brother.

He arranges for Miller to meet with the Ryan they had, only to quickly realise it isn't the right one. He offers Miller a church as a place to reside for the night and quickly discusses their view of the war and how it is back at the beach. He soon tells Miller to find Ryan and get him home.

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