German HQ Commander
German HQ Commander
Rank Private/Corporal (German: Schuetze to Oberstabsgefreiter)
Affiliations German Wehrmacht-Heer
Birth Unknown
Death 1944, Neuville, Normandy, France
Weapon Karabiner 98 kurz

The German HQ Commander, jokingly named "Dagwood Dusseldorf" by Staff Sergeant Hill, was the commander of the Nazi-occupied Neuville command post and a minor antagonist on the film, Saving Private Ryan.

Biography Edit

When Staff Sergeant Hill accidentally knocked a plank against the brick wall, it knocked it down, and it revealed a group of German soldiers hiding in a wine storage room. The two sides yelled and threatened to fire, but Captain Fred Hamill and his men riddled all the Germans dead with bullets, including this one, who died in the same pose sitting on the table.

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