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Staff Sergeant Hill is a soldier in the 101st Airborne at Neuville. He jumped into Normandy on D-day with the rest of the 101st Airborne. He ended up in Neuville and had began his campaign in the war.

He thought that Miller's men were his and his squads relief only to learn they weren't to his dismay. He then helped guide them through the town. When they encountered a German sniper, he had to pull medic Irwin Wade when Wade tried to jump from cover to help a dying Carparzo.

He later accidentally knocked a plank over, exposing a group of Germans led by the German HQ Commander, who were killed by Captain Fred Hamill and his men. The only reason he did so was he claimed he had "ankles like an old woman" and his boots were uncomfortable, forcing him to sit down and adjust them. He also said he had a "hitchhiker" in his boot so he may of been trying to remove it.

Hill appears to be a sarcastic and dry individual: when asked by Captain Miller about the German on the PA system, Hill said it was "Dagwood Düsseldorf, our friendly neighborhood morale officer".

He was portrayed by Paul Giamatti.




  • M1 Garand: