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Jean was a minor character in the film Saving Private Ryan. He was a French civilian living in the town of Neuville.


Jean was living with his wife, his son, his daughter, Jacqueline and his baby son in Neuville, Normandy, France when the German Wehrmacht Army invaded.

When the Allies invaded Normandy on D-Day of Operation Overlord, Neuville took heavy damage with a couple of American Paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division landing there and fighting some Germans, causing Jean and his family to hide in a destroyed building.

When Captain John H. Miller and his men came to Neuville, Jean tried giving his children to them, thinking that they would be safer. Miller objected, but Private Adrian Caparzo started taking Jaqueline, saying "She reminds me of my niece sir." Caparzo was shot in the chest by a sniper and Miller was forced to keep Jacqueline with them until the sniper could be taken care of.

Jean tried calling out to his daughter who cried back to him. Private Jackson eventually killed the sniper and Jacqueline was returned to her family but she slapped Jean in the face for giving her away.