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Private Lyle was a soldier who served for the 101st Airborne Division and was one of the Ramelle Paratroopers.


Lyle jumpe

Lyle killing a German tank commander

d into Normandy on D-day, he was in the same squad as Gary and was later rounded up by a Colonel to go and defend Ramelle.

During the Battle at Ramelle Lyle was positioned in the shell hole with Reiben, Ryan, Miller, Garrity, Gary and Rice. He was present at the Battle at Ramelle, where he helped disable the tank. He shot an SS Officer in the face, and then threw a couple of grenades inside the tank, disabling it. He was then wounded by 20mm Flak shells. He tried crawling away, but was then shot in the chest by a German Soldier, killing him instantly.

Lyle being killed


  • There is a mistake in the scene where he is wounded. It shows him lying on the side of the tank with his leg apparently blown off, but just before he is shot, you can clearly see he has both legs. He is identified as the man with his leg blown off, because you can just about see goggles on his helmet.