General's Aide
Marshall's aide
Rank Colonel
Affiliations United States Army, Chief of Staff's aide
Birth approx. 1880
Death Unknown
Weapon None

The General's Aide or Marshall's Aide was a minor character in the film Saving Private Ryan. He was a Colonal who acted as General George C. Marshall's aide in the war department. He was very pessimistic about the rescue mission to save Private Ryan.

He was portrayed by Captain Dale Dye.


When finding out about Ryan, he was the only one of the soldiers in the meeting with General Marshall who showed his displeasure at the thought of searching for Ryan. He tells the general that the 101st Airborne "scattered all their sticks into the wind" and that Ryan was most likely dead.

He reluctantly agreed to the mission when the general read a letter to a Mrs. Bixby in Boston from Abraham Lincoln about the loss of her five sons, who were soldiers during the American Cvil War.

This was the only time he was seen in the entire film.

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