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The Medical Officer was a minor character in Saving Private Ryan. He was an American officer serving as a medic on D-Day during World War Two.


The officer landed on Omaha Beach with the 2nd Rangers Battalion. He tried to treat another medic, Deforest, who was dying. He attempted to order Medic Wade to help someone else, but the man refused due to Deforest being the battalion surgeon. As they tried to treat his wound, the officer was suddenly shot in the hip through his canteen, distracting him from treating Deforest.

The officer and Wade trying to save Deforrest

While he treated his own wound, Wade stopped Deforest's wound from bleeding. When Deforest was suddenly shot in the head, he, Wade and another medic reached the dam. As the soldiers pushed on toward the bunkers, the officer stayed to help the wounded. He assessed three wounded soldiers, describing one as "routine", another as "priority" and the third as "gone".

Since Wade survived while being around the officer for the rest of the battle, the officer likely survived as well.