Margaret Ryan
Mrs. Margaret Ryan
Rank N/A
Affiliations U.S.
Birth 1890 (approx)
Death After 1944
Weapon N/A

Mrs. Margaret Ryan was a minor character in Saving Private Ryan. She was the mother of Sean Ryan, Peter Ryan, Daniel Ryan and James Ryan. She lived in Paton, Iowa. It is unknown who her husband was.


Before World War TwoEdit

Not much is know about her life before World War Two, though it would appear that she gave birth to four children with an unknown father. It appears that the father either died (most likely during World War One) or simply left her.

Life with her ChildrenEdit

She lived in the countryside with her four sons and owned a farm. One night in 1942, her sons almost burned down their barn but it is unknown how she reacted to this.

Not much else is known except that she took a picture of her sons in their uniforms before they all left for basic training shortly after America declared war on Japan in 1942.

Receiving the TelegramsEdit

Once her sons left for training, she was left on her own for two years. Around June 9th, 1944, (shortly after D-day) she was washing some dishes when she noticed a black car coming up the road. She noticed the symbol on the car was an army symbol and realised one of her sons had been killed causing her to prepare herself to be told that one or several of her sons had been killed. She made her way to the door and opened it and went outside. She dropped to her knees and was told the news that her three eldest children were dead, while the youngest, James, was missing in action.

Receiving the letterEdit

Sometime later she received a letter from George C. Marshall informing her that her youngest son was safe and returning home and it came with a prayer to try to sustain the suffering she and Ryan now had to live with.

She then lived the rest of her life with James at her side. She eventually had a daughter-in-law who had married her last son. She had grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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