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Mrs. Ryan
Ryan's wife.jpg
Rank N/A
Affiliations U.S.
Birth Around 1920
Death After 1998
Weapon N/A

Mrs. Ryan is the wife of James Francis Ryan, daughter-in-law of Mrs. Margaret Ryan and sister-in-law to the deceased Peter, Daniel, and Sean Ryan.


Mrs. Ryan was born sometime around 1920. Sometime after 1945, she married James Francis Ryan, a former U.S. Paratrooper from the United States Army's 101st Airborne, who participated in Operation Overlord, but was then sent home after his brothers were killed. She made every effort to calm Ryan, who was troubled over his experience in the war. She then gave birth to a son, and three daughters, and she later became a grandmother when one of her children had a son.

Sometime around 1998, she went with her husband and the rest of his family to Normandy France, to a gravesite of American Soldiers who died in Operation Overlord. After spending time around the grave of Captain John H. Miller, she was then asked by James if he was a good man. She assured him that he was and they then left.

Mrs. Ryan walking behind her husband.