Panzerschreck was the popular name for the Raketenpanzerbüchse ('rocket armor rifle', abbreviated to RPzB), an 88 mm calibre reusable anti-tank rocket launcher developed by the Germans in World War II. Another popular nickname was Ofenrohr ("stove pipe").

It was given to infantry to bolster their anti-tank capability. The weapon was shoulder-launched and fired a rocket-propelled, fin-stabilized grenade with a shaped charge warhead. It was made in much smaller numbers than the Panzerfaust, which was a disposable recoilless rifle firing an anti-tank warhead.

In Saving Private Ryan

Two were seen being used during the bettle in Ramelle by incoming German infantry. Private Ryan noticed one and personally killed the user by tossing a 60 Mortar round at them. Another was also seen being prepped by another German, who fired it, successfully killing two of the American soldiers.

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