The Ramelle Defenders were made up of Rangers, a 29th Infantry soldier, and 101st Airborne soldiers.

Personnel of Ramelle Defenders
Name Fate
Captain John H. Miller-Ranger Died
Sergeant Mike Horvath-Ranger Died
Private Richard Reiben-Ranger Survived
Corporal Timothy E. Upham-29th Infantry Division Survived
Private James Ryan-101st Airborne Survived
Private Daniel Jackson-Ranger Died
Private Stanley Mellish-Ranger Died
Corporal Henderson-101st Airborne Died
Private Parker-101st Airborne Died
Private Toynbe-101st Airborne Died
Private Trask-101st Airborne Died
Lyle-101st Airborne Died
Weller-101st Airborne Died
Fallon-101st Airborne Died
Garrity-101st Airborne Died
Wilson-101st Airborne Died
Rice-101st Airbone

Fate Unknown

Sticky Bomb Runner-101st Airborne Died

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