(List of Ramelle Paratroopers)
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|[[Private Toynbe]]
|[[Private Toynbe]]
|K.I.A. - mowed down by a 20mm flak gun
|K.I.A. - Shot in the back while trying to retreat to the [[Alamo]]
|[[Trask|Private Trask]]
|[[Trask|Private Trask]]

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The Ramelle Paratroopers were a handful of paratroopers overseeing the town Ramelle, basing themselves at the bridge when Miller's Men arrived, during World War Two.

The CO was Captain Jennings before Ramelle was bombed, killing him.

Ryan and Private Rice were the only paratroopers to survive the German attack

List of Ramelle ParatroopersEdit

Name Fate
Captain Jennings K.I.A. - Died in a bombing in the town
Corporal Henderson K.I.A. - Was shot in the neck while manning a machine gun position
Private James Ryan Survived - Lived a long life after the war
Private Parker K.I.A. - Died when his machine gun position was destroyed by a tank shell
Private Toynbe K.I.A. - Shot in the back while trying to retreat to the Alamo
Private Trask K.I.A.
Private Lyle K.I.A.
Private Weller K.I.A.
Private Fallon Presumed Survived the battle
Private Garrity K.I.A.
Private Wilson K.I.A.
Private Rice Survived the battle
Private Gary K.I.A.
Sticky Bomb Runner K.I.A. - destroyed by his own sticky bomb
Ramelle Soldier 1 K.I.A. decapitated by the 20mm flak gun
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