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The Ramelle Soldier 1 was an unnamed character in the film Saving Private Ryan. He was a private in the 101st Airborne, during



He dropped in with the 101st Airborne in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944, D-Day of Operation Overlord. He was then rounded up by a Colonel with many other Paratroopers from the 101st Airborne. His group was eventually joined by Miller's Men, led by Captain John H. Miller. He helped lift Private Parker's Machine Gun into the belltower.

He then participated in the Battle at Ramelle. He hid near the belltower with Private Fallon, and then helped disable a German Tiger Tank, with Privates Garrity, Toynbe, Lyle, Weller, Gary and two other paratroopers. He threw grenades into the tank but was then shot and decapitated by the Germans' 20 mm flak gun.

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