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Private Rice was a Paratrooper from the 101st Airborne during World War 2, and one of the Ramelle Paratroopers.


Rice jumped into Normandy on D-Day. He then went to the town of Ramelle under the command of Captain Jennings. Jennings was later killed in the bombings, leaving Corporal Henderson in command.

Eventually, Miller's Men came, looking for Private James Francis Ryan. Rice listened to Miller explaining to Ryan that his brothers are dead. When Weller asked, "Hey, what's this all about?", Rice told him that Ryan lost his brothers. When asked which

Rice lighting the sticky bomb

ones, Rice replied "All of them", to the shock of Weller and Lyle.

During the Battle at Ramelle, he along with Garrity placed Sticky Bombs on a German Tiger Tank, which blew off the treads. He then helped disable the tank with Lyle, Weller, Garrity, Toynbe, Gary and Wilson. After the attack of Flak gun 20 mm, Rice, Toynbe, Fallon, Trask, Wilson, Ryan, Reiben, and Miller withdraws into a s hell hole, despite the explosion of panzerschreck Rice survives. He is later seen falling back to the Alamo.

The last time he is seen is when the US reinforcements arrive.