Operation Overlord


Skirmish at the Radio Site

Skirmish at Neuville
Skirmish at Neuville
German Soldiers preparing to fire

World War II


June 9th, 1944


Neuville, Normandy, France


US Victory


United States

Nazi Germany


Captain Fred Hamill
Captain John H. Miller

German HQ Commander


About 100 paratroopers, and 8 Rangers

About 100 Whermacht Soldiers


Jonsey, Private Adrian Caparzo, unknown amount of paratroopers.

The commander, one Sniper, 6 other officers

The Skirmish at Neuville was a small stand off between Germans and Americans of the 101st Airborne and 2nd Battalion Army Rangers, during June 1944, shortly after D-day.


After the U.S. Airborne landed in Normandy, some Paratroopers misdropped at Neuville. The town had a lot of German Soldiers, and the men had to hold them off until reinforcements could arrive. The 101st Airborne were commanded by Captain Fred Hamill and Miller's Men were commanded by Captain John H. Miller of the 2nd Rangers.

The skirmish started when Miller and his squad arrived to find a small group of paratroopers were resting near the rubble of a building. After confessing they weren't the group's relief, they arranged for a runner to send a message asking for a Private Ryan. While suppressing the German gunners, the runner bolted across the open road only to be gunned down. This earned Carparzo's frustration as they kept shooting despite the man being dead.

They soon made their way around the road instead. They soon found some French citizens whom Carparzo wanted to help. A German sniper shot Caparzo through the chest when he was trying to help the French family. This forced the other Americans to take cover while Jackson took position behind some rubble to kill the sniper. Eventually, Jackson managed to kill the sniper by shooting right through his eye, killing him instantly. However, Caparzo still died due to Jackson taking too long to kill the sniper, leaving Carparzo to bleed out.

After that, they soon made it to a small tower of sorts and were resting there and waiting for Captain Hamill to arrive when Staff Sergeant Hill accidentally knocked a piece of wood against a stone wall that was made for the house where the German HQ was. The two sides shouted, threatening to shoot each other in panic until Hamill's men machine gunned the Nazis in a surprise attack. Wade healed the only German survivor, who was wounded.

American CombatantsEdit

Captain John H. Miller

Sergeant Mike Horvath

Corporal Timothy E. Upham

Private Daniel Jackson

Private Richard Reiben

Private Stanley Mellish

T-4 Medic Irwin Wade

Sergeant Mike Horvath

Captain Fred Hamill

Staff Sergeant Hill

Private Goldman

Private James Frederick Ryan



Jimmy T.

German CombatantsEdit

Approximately 8 Wehrmacht Soldiers (including a sniper).

German HQ Commander

Battle OutcomeEdit

Seven Germans were mowed down by Capt. Hamill and his small team of three. Pvt. Caparzo was gunned down by a sniper, with aforementioned sniper later being dispatched by Pvt. Jackson.

A Germam officer died along with his soldiers at their command post. It is unknown if this was the commander or the person on the loud speaker.

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