Skirmish at Neuville


Operation Overlord


Battle at Ramelle

Skirmish at the Radio Site

"4 down and dead"- Reiben

World War II


after June 10, 1944


Radio Site, en route to Ramelle


American victory


US Army

Nazi Germany


Captain John H. Miller

Unknown (possibly Steamboat Willie)


7 men (one had no weapon and another didn't assist)

3 men, 1 machine gunner


1 killed

2 killed, 1 captured

The Skirmish at the Radio Site was a short skirmish at a small radio site where Medic Irwin Wade was killed. It occurred shortly after D-Day during World War Two.


Just before Captain Miller and his squad arrived on the scene, three 82nd paratroopers are killed by German machine gunfire. Hearing the gunshots, a French farmer warned the American contingent of the noises so they headed to investigate the scene.

After they spotted the bodies, Miller and Sergeant Mike Horvath assessed what they are up against and returned to the others.

Despite Mellish and Reiben objecting to it, stating that they are ignoring their mission, Miller wanted to press on and attack as he replied that their objective was to win the war.

After deciding who was going left, right, up the middle and distributing grenades, they launched their attack. Corporal Timothy E. Upham stayed back as he was ordered by Miller. He was not used to combat yet so he viewed behind a dead cow from afar from a spare scope.

The Americans advanced on each flank and the base runners are equipped with several grenades. They had a fierce grenade battle, tossing them and throwing them back. Two of the three Germans are killed, but one of them gunned down Private Wade and was captured. Wade died from his wounds a little bit after the battle and being overdosed on morphine out of mercy despite the men trying to save him. Despite this, the German soldier was allowed to run away blindfolded after digging graves for Wade and the three other paratroopers killed before the main skirmish.

This created huge tension between the group and nearly resulted in Sergeant Horvath shooting Private Reiben due to Reiben wanting to abandon the mission. The situation was only diffused after Captain Miller revealed his life before the war, surprising everyone and convincing Reiben that Miller was still a human and actually cared about his soldiers.

The Americans won the skirmish and continued onward after burying their dead.

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