A Sticky Bomb is an improvised bomb seen in Saving Private Ryan.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Creation[edit | edit source]

A sticky bomb was, in Captain Miller's own words, a "bomb that sticks" hence the name. It was apparently in the field manual although Private Ryan confessed the soldiers had no manuals available, so it remains unconfirmed. It was made by, according to Miller, taking "a standard GI sock and packing as much composition B [or TNT] as possible into [the sock]. You wire up a simple fuse then soak the whole thing in axle grease so it should stick."

In the film[edit | edit source]

The paratroopers at Ramelle made several sticky bombs in order to destroy the tracks of the Germans' tanks to make them immobile and turn them in to a road block for the advancing infantry. PFC Reiben briefly complained about having to give up his socks but did it all the same.

During the battle, an overly eager trooper tried to attach his sticky bomb before Miller gave the order. His fuse was too short, however, causing it to detonate in front of him, killing the soldier.

Two other paratroopers soon attached their bombs on to the advancing tank, successfully destroying the tracks allowing the soldiers to disable and secure the tank.

Despite how many were made, no others are seen being used throughout the rest of the battle.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sticky bombs actually do exist, created by the British, although they were not improvised weapons; they were industrially produced and issued to some British units. see here
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