There are two page on the same person but with a different name. I think wwe should delete this one and change the name of the page "Gary" by the real name "Garrity".

Omaha 3945 (talk) 18:42, July 24, 2012 (UTC)

Acctualy Garrity and Gary are two different persons you can identify them by there helmet designs.

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I think the name "Gary" is not mentionned anywhere and do not appear int the credit of the film. Now for the people present to the attack of the Tiger are confused: you can see 6 paratroopers mounted on the Tiger. When their dead, seven are from above, knowing that Toynbe is on the Tiger and which he still alive so there would be 8 paratrooper.There Lyle going up with 2 other paras, they are joined by Weller. On the other sides, 2 paras whose Toynbe rise. I do not where Garrity during the attack, may be it is the para in the photos on the page "Gary" but I think it is not seen mounted and it is on the side of Toynbe because in the side 2 paras died when Toynbe still alive and only one other para has been climbed.Omaha3945 (talk) 15:23, July 25, 2012 (UTC)

Acctually there are two other paratroopers that were not speficificaly named in the movie but in my copy of the movie and also in the highest sound you can slightly hear a paratrooper when throwing the grenades in the tank saying the name GARY to the soldier in the middle seconds before the 20 mm shows though it might be the actors real name who knows?And also Garrity has a different style of the helmet than Gary and also Gary has a heart on his helmet and also when Fallon is launched into the window you can see a soldier that dies along with him it might have been Garrity although that Garrity is not seen during the Tiger attack it says on his page that he was killed by the 20mm but he might have been killed along with fallon.

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I just found something on imdb, the person of the page Garrity is not Garrity but "Ramelle paratrooper 1". On imdb, on page of Peter Miles who portrayed the unnamed paratrooper, we seen the pictures of her characters. So Gary may be the true Garrity because absotuly no one knows who is Garrity even on the site it is identified as that placing the sticky bomb with Rice. Now on the true identity of Garrity, there any pictures where it can identified: there are even photos of Julian Spencer on Internet. One could deducted than it is recess because there are only five paratrooper, including 2 it is seen from a distance in one scene. Omaha 3945

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