The Tiger tank was a Nazi German Tank, of which there were two makes developed: the Tiger I and Tiger II, or "King Tiger". Using a well made 88 millimeter gun, it was greatly feared by the Allies for its superior armor and firepower, where most Allied Tanks outpaced the Tiger only in maneuverability. However with the exception of the venerable Russian T-34 Tank, which could out-score it, and with 50,000 Sherman Tanks used by the Allies it was greatly outnumbered.

It was introduced in September 1942, and the more powerful Tiger 2, or "King Tiger" was first introduced in June 1944, during the Normandy Invasion. In the movie, a King Tiger was at the Battle of Ramelle. The Tiger 1, carrying the German commander Major Hoess had closed in on the dying Captain John H. Miller, where he shot his Colt .45 Pistol at it while lying against a motorbike, but the tank was destroyed by a P-51 Mustang to end the battle.

The Tiger Tank used in this movie is a converted Russian T-34/85, which explains the non-interweaving wheels. The mantlet is also much narrower on the movie's Tiger than on both models of the Tiger 1, which gives the turret a more pointed look rather than the round shape which the turret historically had. Additionally, the placement of the turret near the front made the Tiger used in the movie look more like a Porsche Tiger instead of a Henschel Tiger, and is also an artifact of the T-34/85 chassis.


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