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Private Trask was a Machine Gunner, and one of the Ramelle paratroopers.


Trask was first seen in Ramelle, when Captain John H. Miller and his men came looking for PFC James Francis Ryan, who lost all of his brothers. Ryan refuses to leave, so Miller and his men stay to help. Trask then shows Miller his Machine Gun, and other supplies, and Mellish decides to replace Trask as Assistant Gunner (Corporal Henderson is the gunner), and Trask and Wilson decide to take positions in a building with a shattered window. He then participates in the Battle at Ramelle.


During the battle, he shot and killed many Germans from his building with his M1 Garand, before moving to some rubble. He then retreats to the Alamo. On his way, he beats off a German with his helmet and rifle, but he is then beaten to death by a Waffen SS soldier.